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Our mission is to help you succeed as a confident online group fitness instructor by arming you with the knowledge and resources you need to ensure you provide the best possible online classes for your students.

We are the #1 resource for Zumba®, Strong Nation®, and other group fitness instructors for information, recommendations, and the help needed to host their fitness classes online with the best audio and video possible.

ZeekSquad has been helping group fitness instructors, studios, and gyms since March 2020.

Yes, we do. We provide consulting for group fitness instructors, studios, and gyms. Check out our Consult Page for more information.

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“Carlos helped me figure out my audio/ music set up in no time... he's super patient, knowledgeable and all around a pleasure to deal with!

Cherie W.

Group Fitness Instructor

“If you are struggling with the technology needs or anything about Online fitness classes I very much Recommend using the Consultation Services that Carlos Diaz provides. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is great at trouble shooting (not to mention he is also kind and patient in his approach!! Wish I would have contacted him months ago and glad I finally did 🙂„

Kelly P.

Group Fitness Instructor

“Can I just say I am one VERY happy ZIN!!! Carlos--thank you so much for your expertise and step-by-step direct line-in set-up which I finally made the switch to!! And I LOVE being able to use my own wireless Samson headset to boot!! My students are thrilled with the sound and my Gold students can hear me clearly now with the mic!! I recommend that if you have any issues you schedule an appt with Carlos!! He knows his stuff and is so patient!!„

Concetta S.

Group Fitness Instructor